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Preparation for the Interview

Congratulations - you landed an interview!

The hardest part is over - your prospective employer is interested in you and likes the look of your CV. Now it's up to you to impress them in that face to face meeting. Have a look at our tips below to help ensure that you breeze through.

• Always find out well in advance exactly where the interview is, and how to get there.

• Double check the address and directions. Look up the correct tube, bus, BR connections and timetables, and allow time for any delays. Ask your RP Cushing consultant as they are likely to have visited the employer.

• Be clear for which position you are being interviewed and, if possible, do some research about your future employer; it shows you are keen and will add to your confidence. Your RPC consultant will have given you a full brief, but what more can you find out?

• Make every effort with your personal presentation and always look smart - a suit is usually the appropriate dress for most interviews. If you're not sure ask your RPC consultant.

• Make sure you have a copy of your CV and references to give to the interviewer. It's a good idea to take these in a folder so they are kept neat and tidy.

• Make sure you know your CV inside out and be clear on simple facts like dates. Be ready to substantiate any achievements.

• If you can't attend the interview, call immediately to give as much notice as possible and a more appropriate date and time can be scheduled. Don't just fail to turn up - whatever the reason - at least call.

• Aim to arrive 5-10 minutes early, but no earlier. It can be annoying and leave you stewing for too long. If you arrive too early, have a coffee somewhere and go through your notes. Don't be put off by the outside of a company's building: appearances can be deceiving.

• Don't be put off by the interviewer. Sometimes interview techniques can appear very formal or unfriendly. Also note that the interviews are often firstly conducted by people from other departments who you may not be working with.

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