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Twitter discusses Facebook tie up

12 Nov 08 - 12:00AM
Popular communication website co-founder Biz Stone has spoken out about the pros and cons of a rumoured tie up with Facebook, it has been reported.

A report carries an interview with Mr Stone regarding the possible new ventures of such a website during the current economic crisis, and finds that is relying on hiring fresh new faces to ensure that its business developments go ahead.

Speaking about the chance to roll out full SMS capability in the UK, Mr Stone told the website that: "It's not something we can flip a switch on.

"It needs a lot of deliberation and business development, but we're hiring aggressively for ten new positions including business development as hopefully these new people will really get on the front lines of mobile and negotiate so we can get the full, true spirit of Twitter working again."

The focus on hiring new faces to ensure the business is expanding is crucial during the current economic downturn, which will no doubt lead to many other companies letting go of staff.

Certainly, the need for new ideas and fresh approaches is more important than ever during a potential recession, and timely hiring will ensure that these resources are available to a company.

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