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Google News is 'most attractive' to executives

25 Oct 10 - 10:47AM
Almost a third (30 per cent) of business executives use Google News, according to new research.

Ipsos MediaCT has found in its survey of 453,353 leaders that the site is the most popular news portal.

The BBC commanded a 22.7 per cent share, while the FT site was used by 15.4 per cent.

CNN and Sky also took a smaller share of the online market, with 9.6 per cent and 9.4 per cent of executives using their sites.

Surprisingly the Wall Street Journal, which is under paywall, was read by only 3.4 per cent.

Its print version has a 34 per cent lead over its biggest rival, the International Herald Tribune.

In general , print publications remained the predominant form of media consulted by executives.

More than nine in ten (95 per cent) said they checked newspapers regularly.

In addition, 85 per cent still watched television news, despite the ascendance of digital media.
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