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18 May 11 - 12:00AM  | General
Our first full week back in a long time and it seems like an age away that we were in the throes of Easter and the Royal Wedding. We hope you had a lovely time over the break and enjoyed the wedding!

We are also setting into our new office and we are looking forward to our official opening of the office. We are honoured to have Stephen Rowbotham, an medal winning British Olympian who is a part of the rowing team. We will of course have pictures next month in the newsletter.

The Aspire Global Network have also just come to an end of the last financial year and it has been our best year since before the recession so things are definitely looking up!! We are always grateful for any referrals and we pay £50 to £200 per person for successful placements which would be very useful spending money for summer holidays.

Our interim of month this month goes to Adam Smith who has had fantastic feedback from the client at the Royal Pharmaceutical Society, including the following comment:

"Adam has been a great help here at the Pharmaceutical Journal, and has settled into our working ways with ease. He has combined his experience of the print advertising market and a willingness to learn about our products to great effect. The advertising agencies have enjoyed working with him and he has done a great deal to enhance our market share, especially on the digital side of things. His tea making skills do still leave a lot to be desired but all in all he will certainly be missed here! Without a hint of jealousy we wish him all the best for his voyages in the Med this summer!"

Let us know if you're looking for work over the summer, and have a great month!
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Kudos! What a neat way of tinhnkig about it.
Posted by: Dweezil, Date 21 September 2011, 04:12 PM
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